A Simpler Way to Review Videos With Collaborators

In our Vidhub February 2015 Roadmap, we talked about many features, including the ability to allow anyone to view and comment on a video without having to make an account. We have heard from video agencies and freelancers time and time again about the importance of making the video review process simple and streamlined for clients. Today we are excited to launch a way to review videos privately, without even creating an account on Vidhub.

Review videos with collaborators

Introducing shareable links, the easiest way to get feedback on your videos from clients, friends, and other collaborators using Vidhub. Simply send the link (whether it’s via email, Basecamp, Facebook, carrier pigeon, etc.) and clients just need to enter their name to review.

No passwords to forget, no emails to deal with, no confusion. Simple.

Simple video review for clients

We’re thrilled to be rolling out this feature free for all users starting today! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email us at blog@vidhub.co.

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