Friday Features & Fixes: Product Update (Week Ending May 12, 2017)

Happy Friday! Welcome to the first ever Friday Features & Fixes. In this post series, we will outline what shiny new features we added to Vidhub, and what pesky bugs we’ve removed. Without further adieu, here’s the product update for the week ending May 12, 2017:

New Features

  • Integration: Vidhub now supports reviewing videos from! Simply click on over to the new ‘Cloud’ Tab on the Uploads Modal, and you’ll see a button for the file picker. Videos from this integration are uploaded directly to our platform from the service provider, so you’ll get to enjoy the speed and reliability of our player, and have the peace of mind that your original file is in safe hands with Box.
  • White Label: You can now personalize your Vidhub experience even further for you and your clients! Team admins can head over to the Organization Settings to enable Vidhub White Label. This currently allows you to add an icon/logo, and replace the “VIDHUB” text to your organization name. Stay tuned for further improvements and customization options coming soon.
  • Undo Comment Deletions: Where did that comment go? Now when you delete a comment on Vidhub, look for an alert message that lets you give it a second chance (just click ‘Undo’).
  • Secure Vidhub Blog: This blog now matches the rest of our website and application, and is secured with a full, bank-grade SSL certificate! Browse happy 🙂

Bug Fixes

  • When new users closed the video on-boarding tour, it would try to come back – now we’ve told it to stay in it’s place for good
  • Visiting an invitation link that has already been accepted no longer yells at you, but rather politely asks you to log in and then takes you to the project/video
  • There was a bug that caused billing and trial dates to be displayed incorrectly on the billing page – this now displays the correct dates
  • Improve the interface for editing comment times; further improvements are on the horizon
  • Fixed an issue where Vidhub Legacy users that migrated over were mistakenly locked out after their trial ended
  • Fixing of many minor bugs and general performance improvements, because those are always nice

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