Our 5 Favourite Video Production & Post-Production Blogs

One of our favourite things about the video production and post-production communities is how much people share and chat. We love reading (and sharing!) all the tips and tricks we come across on a daily basis from industry leaders and experts. Here’s some of our favourites:

  1. NoFilmSchool – If you follow us on Twitter (@vidhubapp), you’ll know we’re a fan of the folks at NoFilmSchool and the content they share. From the latest gear, to video production tips, post-production and editing tips, and just generally fun posts, there’s always lots to read at NFS.
  2. Art of the Guillotine (AotG) – Speaking of sharing content, that’s exactly what AotG is a platform for. In addition to a great Podcast called the Cutting Room where they host entertaining interviews and insightful conversations, the website is a great place for industry experts and companies to share what they’re working on – nothing better than for the people, by the people!
  3. PremiumBeat – In addition to being a great source for royalty-free music & sound effects, PremiumBeat’s Blog features great news & tutorials for video producers and editors. We really like their unique perspectives on all aspects of being a video producer and running a business – not just posts about video gear and post-production software, but also about advertising online and more.
  4. /r/filmmakers on Reddit –  While not a ‘blog’ per se, this subreddit is a great place to meet others in the industry, share what you’ve been working on, and discover tips and tutorials, with hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals all in the same place. There’s also a Weekly Megathread which is a free space to ask questions, no matter how big or small, to the community.
  5. PetaPixel – Arguably more of a photography-focused blog, we love reading their posts that blur the lines between photo and video and are a great source of inspiration.

This rounds up our top 5, but we know this is only the tip of the iceberg. Do you have a favourite blog, website, or place to learn more and share about video, production and post-production? Let us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter!

Friday Features & Fixes: Vidhub.co Now Supports Google Drive Integration, Project Permission Levels, and more!

Happy Friday! Another week comes to a close, and this one comes right after a long weekend for our Canadian friends and right before a long weekend for our American friends. Here’s what happened on Vidhub in the two weeks, ending May 26th, 2017:

New Features

  • Google Drive Integration: Hot on the heels of our Box.com integration comes Google Drive! As with before, head over to the ‘Cloud’ Tab on the Uploads Modal, and you can authenticate your Google account to import videos from Google Drive. We understand many organizations have a lot of important files and documents (and not just videos!) on Google Drive, and as such, this integration only has access to pick video files (and only lets us get the exact files you allow, and nothing else!) Similar to Box.com and Dropbox, videos from this integration are uploaded directly to our platform from the service provider, so you’ll get to enjoy the speed and reliability of our player, and have the peace of mind that your original file is safe and sound where it was before.
  • Improved Project Permissions: There are now three different permission levels when inviting users to a project.
    • Reviewer: This is the current default; Invited users can view and comment on all videos within the project. This is suitable for most clients.
    • Uploader: This allows users to view and comment on all videos, but also gives them the ability to upload/add videos to review on Vidhub. Uploaders also can manage their own videos.
    • Manager: This level allows users to view, comment, and manage all videos within a project. This also allows you to upload videos. As the name implies, this permission level gives you a lot of power within a project, and is suitable for external project managers or editors. As always, anyone who needs access to more can be invited on as a Team Member within your Organization on Vidhub.
  • Improved White Label: Your custom logo and branding is now shown on the login page. This is part of our ongoing process to improve customization and white-labeling on Vidhub.

Bug Fixes

  • Some users were unable to reset their password due to a strange bug, which was fixed shortly after. Thankfully no one was stranded for too long.
  • Users on Internet Explorer 11 may have seen the wrong hint on the Video Hint Bar, but we told IE to take a hint and now that’s all straightened out.
  • As always, lots of improvements under the hood to improve speed and reliability. Can you ever have too much speed or reliability?

Is there anything you’d like to see added to make Vidhub your ultimate video review and discussion tool? Let us know in the comments below, or by emailing us at suggest@vidhub.co! Have a great weekend.

Friday Features & Fixes: Vidhub.co Product Update (Week Ending May 12, 2017)

Happy Friday! Welcome to the first ever Friday Features & Fixes. In this post series, we will outline what shiny new features we added to Vidhub, and what pesky bugs we’ve removed. Without further adieu, here’s the Vidhub.co product update for the week ending May 12, 2017:

New Features

  • Box.com Integration: Vidhub now supports reviewing videos from Box.com! Simply click on over to the new ‘Cloud’ Tab on the Uploads Modal, and you’ll see a button for the Box.com file picker. Videos from this integration are uploaded directly to our platform from the service provider, so you’ll get to enjoy the speed and reliability of our player, and have the peace of mind that your original file is in safe hands with Box.
  • White Label: You can now personalize your Vidhub experience even further for you and your clients! Team admins can head over to the Organization Settings to enable Vidhub White Label. This currently allows you to add an icon/logo, and replace the “VIDHUB” text to your organization name. Stay tuned for further improvements and customization options coming soon.
  • Undo Comment Deletions: Where did that comment go? Now when you delete a comment on Vidhub, look for an alert message that lets you give it a second chance (just click ‘Undo’).
  • Secure Vidhub Blog: This blog now matches the rest of our website and application, and is secured with a full, bank-grade SSL certificate! Browse happy 🙂

Bug Fixes

  • When new users closed the video on-boarding tour, it would try to come back – now we’ve told it to stay in it’s place for good
  • Visiting an invitation link that has already been accepted no longer yells at you, but rather politely asks you to log in and then takes you to the project/video
  • There was a bug that caused billing and trial dates to be displayed incorrectly on the billing page – this now displays the correct dates
  • Improve the interface for editing comment times; further improvements are on the horizon
  • Fixed an issue where Vidhub Legacy users that migrated over were mistakenly locked out after their trial ended
  • Fixing of many minor bugs and general performance improvements, because those are always nice

All New Vidhub 2.0 – Better, Faster, More Affordable. Coming Soon to You

In our last few blog posts, we talked about direct uploads to Vidhub, improved Dropbox integration, and having a better branded Vidhub experience for your team. Since that post, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s best studios, agencies, corporations, and educational institutions to get their candid feedback – what’s working right now, and what’s missing from Vidhub.

With that, I’m excited to tease our upcoming release of Vidhub 2.0 – our biggest update ever, crafted from feedback and fuelled by enthusiasm and support from great teams like yours.

What’s new in Vidhub 2.0

Review Private or Copyrighted Videos Easily with Direct Uploads to Vidhub


Simply drag and drop (or click to select) videos into our new Flow Uploader and we’ll take care of resizing, transcoding, etc. We recommend uploading H.264 MP4 files, but support over a dozen other file types. Upload files up to 8GB in size, and from 480p to 4K in resolution.

Better Branding & Client Experience with Custom Subdomains – orgname.vidhub.co

Every team on Vidhub will have their own subdomain to access the platform and share with their clients. This means your team will access vidhub at orgname.vidhub.co, making for a simpler and cleaner interface and no distractions for clients or coworkers.

Easily Review Videos from Dropbox with Vidhub’s New Dropbox Integration


Using the familiar Dropbox file picker, choose videos to easily import them to review and discuss in Vidhub. Videos imported from Dropbox are now uploaded directly to Vidhub for better compatibility and performance.

Clone Projects for Easier Segmented Reviewing

Duplicate a project and all the videos within with just one click – this makes it easier to review the same videos with separate teams without the need to re-add videos multiple times.

Simpler Interface and a Better Mobile Experience for Easier Reviewing (and Reviewing On-the-Go)

The new Vidhub is built as a progressive web application, which means it works great on Phones, Tablets, or Computers, Apple or Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux. Vidhub 2.0 features a familiar, but refreshing new look for the platform focused on friendliness and ease-of-use, no matter what device you, your team, or your clients are using. Stay tuned for further improvements on our mobile interface in the coming weeks as well.

The Fastest Way to Review Videos, Anywhere in the World

Pairing the latest and greatest technology with a distributed, global server infrastructure means you and your users have a fast, reliable experience from our home in Canada and the United States, all the way to our customers in 799 cities across the world (and counting!).

More Affordable Vidhub Plans

We always strive to deliver the best experience, and part of that includes making sure Vidhub is accessible and affordable for teams of all sizes. This is why we are excited to announce our new, more affordable plans! All of our plans across the board will be receiving more features and usage AND will be discounted in price at the same time! Anyone on a paid plan currently will be moved to the new plans and your old subscription will be prorated accordingly when you migrate (with a small discount going forward as our way of saying thanks). Our enterprise customers on a current plan will be contacted to refresh their plans as well.

When does Vidhub 2.0 launch?

Look for all these updates, and more, set to launch in late April, 2017 (that’s next month!) As always, we welcome any questions or feedback at any time – you can email me directly at shub@vidhub.co. Thank you once again for all of your support and feedback – we can’t wait to share this new update with you.

A Simpler Way to Review Videos With Collaborators

In our Vidhub February 2015 Roadmap, we talked about many features, including the ability to allow anyone to view and comment on a video without having to make an account. We have heard from video agencies and freelancers time and time again about the importance of making the video review process simple and streamlined for clients. Today we are excited to launch a way to review videos privately, without even creating an account on Vidhub.

Review videos with collaborators

Introducing shareable links, the easiest way to get feedback on your videos from clients, friends, and other collaborators using Vidhub. Simply send the link (whether it’s via email, Basecamp, Facebook, carrier pigeon, etc.) and clients just need to enter their name to review.

No passwords to forget, no emails to deal with, no confusion. Simple.

Simple video review for clients

We’re thrilled to be rolling out this feature free for all users starting today! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email us at blog@vidhub.co.

Introducing Organizations and Comment Exporting

In February, we rolled out projects and predictive search for invitations and laid out a roadmap for Vidhub.

Today we’re excited to announce that Organization Accounts and Comment Exporting are here!

Manage your team with an organization account

Vidhub enterprise video review tool

Adding members to an organization gives easy access for the entire team to add, manage, and share videos. It also provides centralized billing and shared video limits. Down the line, this will include the ability to set individual roles in your team and assign roles to comments, videos, and more.

Export your comments to PDF, SRT and TXT

Export feedback from videos to PDF, SRT, and TXT

Easily export feedback to a print-ready document (.pdf), a video subtitle file (.srt), and a plain text file (.txt). Whether you want to print feedback, have it on a second monitor as you edit, view a video full screen with feedback as captions, or have a version saved for archiving or sharing – it’s your feedback, and you should be able to use it however you want. Down the line, this will include support for XML Markers in Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Sony Vegas, Avid Media Composer, and other formats. If you have any requests, feel free to drop us an email at blog@vidhub.co

Both Organization Accounts and Exporting Comments are available right now for our premium users. If you haven’t upgraded yet, head over to https://vidhub.co/upgrade to try them out free for 30 days!

Vidhub Roadmap: Feb 2015

To begin, thank you.

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or have recently joined Vidhub, we are ecstatic to have you on board as we make producing videos a better process.

We’ve grown, changed, and matured a lot since our inception, and today we are excited to share our plans for the future with you. We plan on having these posts from time to time to share our victories, reflect on our mistakes, and discuss the road ahead. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we are incredibly grateful for all the support and feedback we have received so far – and we’re extremely excited for what’s to come.

With that, let’s jump in to the future of Vidhub:

What we are releasing today

Organize your videos into projects

Screenshot 2015-02-10 18.09.46

Videos can now be organized within projects, making it easier to get to the videos you need in one click. As we roll out organizations and teams, this will also make it easy to share multiple videos with groups.

A better way to invite your team and clientsScreenshot 2015-02-11 19.41.53

A shiny new predictive search box helps you easily add people you’ve worked with before by name or email, and later by role.

What’s in the pipeline

Export your comments

Whether you want to print a PDF and have it handy for a meeting, or export a marker file right in your editing program – exporting comments is just a few clicks away. This will start with the ability to export a printable PDF and later will include support for Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Sony Vegas, Avid Media Composer, and various other formats. If you have any requests, feel free to drop us an email at blog@vidhub.co

Manage your team with one account

Soon you’ll be able to add team members and clients to organizations and teams, allowing you to easily share videos and projects with a group of people. Down the line, this will include the ability to set individual roles in your team and assign roles to comments, videos, and more.

Review a video – distraction free

Sometimes it’s great to have a distraction free workspace when reviewing a video. This is why we are making it easy to hide all comments with a single click. You can also filter comments by user, giving you granular control over what you see.

Down the Road

Integrate with your Dropbox account

Add a video from your Dropbox account to share it with clients. Vidhub will automatically create a new revision when the file is updated.

White Label: Powered by Vidhub

The same easy-to-use Vidhub interface and experience, but with your great logo, colour scheme, and custom URL path. Vidhub white label will soon be available on the Agency and Enterprise plans.

Public videos: Go ahead – tell the world

Allow anyone to view and comment on a video without having to make an account.

Upload videos directly to Vidhub

All paid plans will be able to upload videos directly to Vidhub instead of just YouTube or Vimeo for a more streamlined workflow.